Students & Universities

Leonard Insurance Services values the importance of higher education, and is dedicated to offering the highest quality insurance protection to students and the universities they attend.

We have provided outstanding student health and intercollegiate sports coverages for more than 15 years. Working with a variety of colleges and universities, we understand the ever-changing needs in this area, and ensure your program is always up-to-date and providing the most comprehensive protection possible.

Contact us for more information. We appreciate how valuable your services are to the community. That’s why we guarantee to contact you within 24 hours of receiving your information.  You may also visit any one of the carrier sites to research various plan designs and options to meet your indvidual needs.


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Student Health Insurance

We provide student health insurance programs through a variety of colleges and universities. Click here to learn more about our programs and the higher education communities we insure.

Intercollegiate Sports Coverage

The protection of college athletes is essential to intercollegiate sports programs. We are the proud insurer of today’s athletic talent at a variety of colleges and universities. Click here to learn more about our intercollegiate sports programs.

As one of Ohio’s largest independent insurance agencies, we promise students and their universities fairness, value and outstanding customer service.